How to build your first employee training program

Organizations build training programs to improve their employees. Training is very important for an employee as it could aid in boosting the quality and quantity of output the employees are able to produce. Furthermore, employees tend to thrive more in environments where they are able to learn and grow. A major reason why most employees often leave a place of work is because they do not see prospects of learning and improving on their selves. If you are about to build your first employee training program, here are some steps you could follow.

Recognize your training needs

The first step towards developing a training program for your employee will be to recognize what the training needs of your organization are. The required training for an organization that produces body creams will be different from the training required by an organization that offers IT services. Furthermore, different departments within an organization will also require different types of training, based on their core functions. Some of the training needs of your organization could include increasing retention and boosting employee engagement, turning managers into better leaders and/or improving the current performance of employees. You can start to plan the training program once you have recognized what the training needs are.

Objectives of the training

You will need to sacrifice money and time to train your employees. You should therefore know exactly what you expect from the training. These expectations will serve as your objectives for the training. When you are able to achieve the objectives of the training, then you will be glad that it is time and money well spent. If on the other hand, the objectives are not met, then you might need to review the training and investigate why the objectives were not met. When the objective of your training is for staffs to be faster in delivering a particular service, your plan for training will include identifying which software or equipment will make them faster, and then investing on such a software or equipment, while providing training on how to use it.

Employee engagement

It is advisable to engage your employee while planning their training. Know the best method of training that works for them and send them for such types of training. For instance, an employee might prefer online training, while another might prefer live sessions. Know their training preferences and make a flexible training program that will accommodate them.

Outsourcing training or internal training

You will have to decide if you want to outsource the training to training organizations or if you want the training conducted internally. The cost and expected results could guide you towards making this decision. In some cases, it will be better to outsource, while in other cases (especially when you have an in-house team member who can conduct the training), it will be better to do internal training. You might also have to decide if the training style will be like a workshop or styled after a classroom, depending on which you feel will be more effective.


It is important to regularly assess the training programs, to see its strengths and weaknesses, as well as how it can be improved upon.


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